December 28, 2012

Poking Around in my Head

 After many years of working short contracts with no coverage, I've actually been with a company long enough to get on the health plan, so as soon as my dental coverage was in place I booked a long overdue dentist visit. Modern dentists can take x-rays and then have them available on a computer almost immediately and, in a neat twist, can then email those x-rays to you the same day. Below are some teeth, and no cavities at all :)
Small clusters of teeth are all well and good, but it gets truly weird seeing a panoramic photograph of the inside of your own head. There's some obvious distortion in the corners as my jaw is not remotely that square, but its a pretty neat image all the same.
 Stranger still is poking around that image adn finding the back of your own eyesockets in the picture which I have enlarged below. It is a strange thing indeed to see your own eyes through your own eyes.


  1. You're missing your bicuspids! Any story there?

    1. I've never had anything pulled or been told anything was missing... a bit of bracework in the 90s like any awkward teen but nothing beyond that. So I'll go with 'Wizards Curse' as my most likely answer