December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

 I can't believe how spoiled Geordie, Kodiak and I are.  Every year we try to cut back and every year I feel more doted upon. I hate to use the word swag in anything else but piratey jargon. But seriously, look at that swag!
Geordie is opening his stocking!  Kodiak is helping and looking jolly in his christmas collar.  The eyes are evil giving lie to the fact that he thinks that he his a good cat.  Every year I get Geordie ginger beer. (And every year it is very much appreciated -G)
Every year we go on a Christmas walk armed with treats for the animals. We go in search of whatever woodland creatures want a snack and even squirrels get a bit of corn (but we don't usually feed them as they can be aggressive and run up Geordie's pant leg or perch on my leg).  Chickadees are always a favorite for hand-feeding.  Happy Xmas!

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