January 4, 2013

Christmas Lights

Every year Geordie and I take a bike ride around to look at lights. This year we split our time between a walk around the west end and a bike ride to the Fire Fighters Burn Fundraiser. Lights aplenty. It was very different this year as previously there were these sheds filled with rather busy and deteriorating dioramas.  The miniature train goes around too but is expensive and the line is insane.
One of our favorite things this year was the tree on top of the condo in the West End. Anyone who has been to English Bay has likely seen this. This year the owners had it nicely done with its branches all outlined in bright white lights.  It is stunning.
 A perennial favorite is this tree also at English Bay. It looks like a ball of lights and last year they added some twinkle down ones.  Geordie and I don't do lights in the apartment but we are do like looking at other peoples efforts.

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  1. That white tree lit up is like something out of a fantasy movie. Gorgeous.