December 7, 2012

Camping the Cove

For the first time, we camped in Telegraph Cove.  Rubes that we are, instead of using the tent camp ground that was about 1 kilometre or so in the interior (ie: in the mud), I was able to get us a spot in the RV camp.  We promptly lowered the property values as we were the only tiny tent in a lot full of swish RVs that belonged to either early retirees or rich familes.  A fact that was not lost on the gently mocking inhabitants who were in fact quite nice and gave some huge fillets of Pinks salmon!  And the cutest little boy/girl was having a blast blowing bubbles.
The below vessel is the Gikumi, named for a Native Chief.  It is an oft photographed boat and is featured in many a photo book of the West Coast and/or Vancouver Island.  Really. Pick up the nearest one and check. The building in the back is Stubb's Island Whale Watching (recommended) and the Whale Interpretive Centre (also recommended).
The building mentioned above, the WIC, is the one on the right side of the photo just where the big bunch of trees end.  This is a spherical plan taken from a dock that is almost in the middle of the cove.  Historical Telegraph Cove is at the top Modern Telegraph Cove is at the bottom.  Very differently styled sections. The result of two different developers.

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