July 29, 2012

Harrison Hotsprings Random Roundup

For one brief glorious weekend, I was part of the Self Preservation Society. Loved the mini-coop but did not have as much power under the hood as I had hoped or expected. I wanted to take cheesecake photos but it was too chilly and rainy.
Its nice how Geordie and I find cats wherever we go. This sweet little girl made herself at home at our little bungalow cabin. We asked the manager if she was there but he had no idea where she came from or who to belong to. She was a furry purry thing and clearly taken care of.
Highland cattle are not what I expect in the Fraser Valley. Nevertheless, there is a highland cow breeder just a short way out of Harrison Hot Springs. They are very pleasing to the eye. You can purchase the meat.

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  1. Do you happen to know the name of that Cattle Farm? I've heard of it but can't find it anywhere on the web.