July 22, 2012


Geordie and I took a fairly challenging hike. Poorly marked and parts were flooded. Except for the back country where there is no trail it was THE worst marked trails I've ever been on. It was really fun. We were lucky as we were not rained on. We also had to help guide a rather poorly prepared couple out.  Here is Geordie skirting the high water level.
This I believe is the Harrison River. You can see its a bit flooded. The beach in this area is completely covered in water. At least I am told there was a beach. It was completely gone when we were there.
I think I look fairly bad ass in this photo. I am actually looking for grouse. I thought I had seen one and they have a tendancy to be quiet until I walk on top of then and then they burst into flight as I flush them and they shriek and I shriek and jump a mile. So I wanted to know where they were so I would not embarass myself. They remained unseen. But badassery remains.

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