July 4, 2012

Ambleside Artwork

On THE only nice day in June, as in we did see that large Orange God in the sky but sometimes the Rain Babies chased him away, Geordie and I biked across Lions Gate to North/West Vancouver. The original plan was to bike just West Vancouver and Ambleside park but we ended up going through the reserve there and seeing cool art underneath the train bridge. I don't know who painted this but I love the skull man with the hairy chest. He reminds me of the Mexican sugar skulls. So hats off to urban artistes!
Ambleside sea wall is polka dotted with these jeweled mosiacs. Not jewels really but likely plastic beads and tiles. They are really striking when the light hits them. Unfortunately many are damaged and in need of repair. Keep an eye out for sea horses, fish, gulls and other marine associated marine life along this walk.
Geordie and I both enjoy interesting weather vanes. Spoiler Alert: We saw a Sasquatch one the Canada Day long weekend. This heavy ironwork heron or crane was again in West Vancouver. But was pointing the wrong way for the wind direction. There was not enough wind to move it. Things to be found in West Vancouver include: interesting urban art, farmers markets, unaffordable property, dog only paths, overpriced mediocre burgers, ugly children. Things not to be found: the homeless,  property under $1 million, convenient bike racks, cheap good food, ugly doggies.

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