September 25, 2013

Qualicum Falls- Turquoise Liquids.

Impressive cascades of water are part of Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park.  The water is an incredible ice blue.  It is a narrow rocky gorge in a lovely forest setting.  There is also picnic facilities and lake swimming though Geordie and I just hiked around on the very easy trail.  I really like the tree bridges that the fallen logs make. You can't walk across but still very pretty.
You have to be careful though.  These are NOT for swimming or boating.  There is the rare, odd fatality the most recent one in August of 2013.  So don't be stupid.  It amazes me how people ignore the warning signs. Often it looks stable near the edge but sometimes the forest floor including roots, moss and dirt grow over the rocky edges.  It looks solid but really is a spongy mat that will not hold any weight. You can see it over growing on the other side of it.
The park is on Vancouver Island between Nanaimo and Port Alberni.  It's just before Cathedral Grove going West towards Tofino. It's just a few kilometres of the main highway and worth a stop for a leg stretch, picnic or day trip.  Good place to run dogs or children I would think as the park is over 400 hectares.  Still can't get over the colour of the water.

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