September 19, 2013

Survival of the Fishiest- the Quatse River Salmon Hatchery.

Back in hmmm July Geordie and I went to the Quatse Salmon Stewardship Centre. I really wanted to go and educate myself as I thought it was important to know about Southern and Northern Resident Orcas main food source.  As a prairie girl I didn't know a huge amount but I certainly expanded my brain and experiences with my visit.  The place was deserted when we got there which turned out to be alright because we got a private escorted tour and when I mentioned I worked on a whale watching boat they took us for the V.I.P. behind the scenes look.
Cute little baby coho.  They are really curious when young but lose this as they get older and larger.  They follow your finger and in the wild if you dip into the streams where they are hiding they will come up and nibble and peck at your fingers and toes.  I got to even feed them! 
Outside there are big tanks that pump in natural water from the nearby Quatse River so the little baby fish can be exposed to the diseases, parasites and unfortunately pollution that is out there.  One tank had a fungus that had gotten in from the river and was experiencing a higher rate of die off but its all part of getting their immune systems strong. Survival of the fishiest. I love the photo below. I had the idea of sticking our GoPro in one of the tanks and the staff let us do it. Thoroughly recommend a visit if you are in the Telegraph Cove/ Port McNeil/ Port Hardy area.

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