January 30, 2013

Snowshoe Peak

Behold the glorious peak of Mount Hollyburn and the vista that is Vancouver...... Yes.     Apparently on a clear day you can see Mt. Baker.  Could not have climbed that without snowshoes. I was told the best way to descend with snowshoes is just running downhill. I prefer sliding.
More Who Trees.  Nice and bowed over with snow.  Those are tree tops. The snow is so deep and packed that we were walking around the tops of trees. It doesn't look that way but there was at least 10 feet of snow beneath us.
And it wouldn't be an outing without a spherical panorama. I love the vista at the top of the photo. It gives a new perspective. This is taken just below the peak of Hollyburn Mountain. To get here you have to go into the back country about one kilometre. This was taken near where the snowshoer fell of a cliff but we are careful and we did not go much past this point. In the back country caution always wins.

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