February 12, 2013

Aquarium Notables

Give us the CUTTLEFISH!  You are fantastic if you get the reference. If not here is a cuttlefish. The Vancouver Aquairum heard our wishes and have 6 dwarf cuttlefish which have apparently been breeding so hopefully more are on their wy.  They communicate with those tentacles on their faces and their bodies flash different colours because of awesome.
The difficult to spot Giant Pacific Octopus was not at all hiding being all squashed up against the glass.  Geordie got this lovely photo of his sleeping eye all ringed by tentacles. He is one of our favorites and the last 3 times I have been there has been very visible. In the same place too....
Jack, one of the rescued harbor porpoises is turning into a huge ham. He loves attention and having his picture taken. Here he is looking right at our camera to make sure we get his good side. He has gotten so big. I remember when he could fit in my arms. I love how well he is doing.

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