August 23, 2012

The Grouse Grinder.

Geordie and I do the Grouse Grind once a year at least. It is not an enjoyable hike or even a pretty hike so we tend to look elsewhere. Its crowded a lot of the time and there are no views just endless stairs.  You do it purely for braggin' rights. My last time was an 1hr 6 minutes what was yours? I shaved almost half an hour off my last time. Here is the timer at the trailhead at the bottom.
The trail splits just beyond. Baden Powell trail goes east towards Lynn Canyon. The BCMC trail goes through the first little bit of Baden Powell before heading up.  It ends the same place the Grind does but it is a bit longer by about half an hr. Again not much to see there but there is an old cabin site.
So if 2.9 kilometres an elevation gain of 853 metres and: 2,830 odd stairs isn't your bag, I suggest the option below. Grouse Mountain is a pretty big tourist trap but at least you can get up for free. Down is another matter. The Grind is one way for safety reasons.You can take the gondola from the top to the bottom for $15 bucks and the price seems always going up.  If you want to take it up I believe its $55 both ways which includes the Peak.

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