August 17, 2012

Grandma Endorsed Lumberjacks

I won't tell if you hmm 'The Lumberjack Song". It's in my brain right now. Grouse Mountain has a Lumberjack show where the tree choppers can show off their mad skills. And they are mad.  They practically float up the trees.  It's very informative and fun. It is Kathryn's Grandma endorsed!   They switch up the order of things to keep it fresh. I've seen it twice now. Perhaps three times.
Log rolling is a fun event. I think everyone has seen 'The Log Driver's Waltz' The NFB did back in the day. This show cases how they roll and balance.  These logs were foamy and the water barely chest deep.  Still, everyone loves it when its not you getting the dunking.
My take away is that you are not supposed to run with scissors but running with dynamite is fine.  There is some weird arm thing going on in that photo.  Reds suspenders and Nikes kind of detract from the traditional lumberjack look.  There were no survivors.

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