May 31, 2015

Weekend Wanderings

 Now that my exams are all done and summer has arrived, I actually have time to spare to go out and enjoy the city we live in. So while there is still plenty to share about California, I thought I'd mix things up for one week and share a trio of events that I was able to take in recently. Below is the affordable housing protest at the art gallery.

While I do agree that housing in this city is disconnected from reality, the people at the protest didn't really have a clear message of what they wanted or even what they were protesting for (against foreign owners? raise minimum wage? magically make more land?) Vancouverites themselves were clearly uncertain how they felt about the issue as well since there were perhaps 200 people there, but for pro-marajuana day there are thousands in every direction.
 Next up was the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival (Vancaf) which is in its 4th or so year and gets bigger and better every year. They had 2 full exhibition rooms of artists plying their wares and sharing their creativity which is a real boatload of fun to be around. I actually went on both days since one trip can be a little overwhelming and I didn't want to miss anything.
 Finally, I went to a local Show & Shine to see everyones nice vintage toys. Most everything there was a collector's piece from a time when there was a whole lot more chrome and leather going into car design.The highlights were a very nice firebird and a vintage corvette, but I thought the picture below better shows the mix of cars and people.

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