May 2, 2015

Hearst Castle Interiors

Much like the exterior, the interior of Hearst Castle was an amazing collection of repurposed European art and furniture. Below is the view of the dining room with a full antique table, mideval tapestries, and engraved ceiling. This photo was taken near the enormous fireplace at one end of the room and apparently as guests stayed longer throughout the week, if they became less interesting to the hosts, they were seated closer and closer to the fire in one of the least subtle dining arrangements ever.
 The billiars room was similarly adorned with antique tapestries and carpets. Its hard to see from the photo below, but the ceiling was being restored to reveal its original etchings and paintwork which had been damaged by decades of smoke and the general passage of time.
 We showed you the Neptune pool in our view of exteriors, but there is also another indoor pool at the far end of the property. To ensure that the "over-the-top" per square foot of the property was maintained, the floor and walls of the indoor pool area were inlaid with gold.

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