October 31, 2013

A Touch of Fog

Now that it's not cool anymore here are MY fog pictures which are much better than anyone else's and not from last year either.  I took these biking around the sea wall of Stanley park during those foggy days we had in mid-October.  I like the one below because of the heron in shadow.
This one was taken the exact same time as the one above just looking towards the bridge to Deadman's Island.  Fog is so changeable.  There is so many different plays of light, shadow and mist. In one spot it can be very sunny and than the other way all shrouded.
I had to do something artsy.  I figured the Lion's Gate bridge which is hidden in the fog shot through a dew spotted spider web would do it.  I also did the same shot but with the web in focus.  I love biking around the park this time of year. I do it fairly early in the morning and have the path all to myself really.  I see lots of cool wildlife too: bald eagles, snowgeese, flickers, otters, mink..... I hope some more fog comes in soon. 

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