November 11, 2013

Remembrance Day

 Geordie and I attended the Remembrance/Armistice Day ceremonies in Victory Square Park. Lots of people were there.  They had a parade with different army divisions complete with pomp and ceremony.  The central point of Victory square is the Cenotaph pictured below. This is where the wreathes are laid and many people leave their poppy pins there afterwards.  The cenotaph is engraved. "Their name liveth for evermore" and, within a stone wreath, "1914–1918." Facing Hamilton Street: " Is it nothing to you" and facing Pender Street: "All ye that pass by".
 After the ceremonies the different sections parade out in front of the cenataph and do the 'Eyes Right / Left' salute.  This salute is very special and usually used for dignitaries and leaders.  I am afraid I don't know which division is pictured below but all of them saluted the memorial. I really like seeing the veterans get a big round of applause but I always get creeped out by the child soldiers of cadets.
 People were standing on window sills behind us and on top of cement walls that are in Victory Square itself.  It's the opportunity for people to think of those who were and are in service.  I was upset at an elderly Japanese couple who chattered away loudly through the anthem, reading of 'In Flanders Fields' and quite a bit of service despite being given dirty looks and shushes.

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