May 21, 2013

Paradise Acres Ranch

It is not often that we get to horseback ride. When we do Geordie is very sporting and game, doing longer rides that he would likely normally like. Here we are at Paradise Acres Ranch on Vancouver Island near Parksville. It is a lovely property with a variety of trails: road, forest, cut block etc....  It is hard to take pictures on horseback.  Geordie rode an arabian/ quarter horse cross that was supposed to be a smaller horse but turned out quite freakishly large and pretty.
The views were stunning that day. Clear and crisp mountains from the island interior.  This is the view from the ranch itself looking East.
I like to thank my ride by giving them a brush down after. It is a nice bonding experience and I think they appreciate it.  This was really fun as we got the hose out for a bath.  The horses were sweaty as it was a warm day so it was bath time for ponies.  Horses sweat like humans do. 

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