May 1, 2013

Horne Lake Caves

Geordie and I finally made it to the Horne Lake Caves.  Preserving any cave formations has kind of gone by the way side here.  Wearing grubby clothing and helmets with lights Geordie went into the pitch black caves.  In one cave, the spring run off was flowing fast so we had to wade throw the water coming out of the cave in a fairly fast flow.
With some mild spelunking and squishy bits we get further in to the passage where water is flowing out.  You can see the pearly mineral deposits.  The passage narrows to nothing that a human could pass throw.  The water takes some weeks to perculate throw the limestone.
I got squicked out by the huge daddy long leg cave spiders that appear not only singly but in clumps.  That is what those things are.  And they moooooove when light is shined on them. 

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