April 5, 2013

arp arp ARP arp ARP ARP arp arp ARP ARP

Over the Easter long weekend Geordie and I went to Vancouver Island. Without a large amount of time we could not go to our usual haunt of Telegraph Cove. Instead we stayed at a lovely place in Qualicum Bay off the beaten path.  Just a short ways North close to Bowser is Fanny Bay. Where these guys that we heard ALL NIGHT LONG.  They are of course, California Sea Lions.  The sound kind of like this.  Arp Arp arp ARP ARP arp AAARRRRP! .....ARP.  arp arp arp Arp.
There were many many dozens hauled out at Fanny Bay.  Some Stellers in there too! All males (originally typoed that as all balls which is equally correct).  The ladies are further south having babies so this is the boys club.  There are yearlings and old mature senior males that don't take no crap from anyone.
The fellow on the left is younger maybe 2 years. The follow on the right is quite a bit older as his mane and well developed sagital crest attest too.  They look like different species but no.  Just different ages.  They tusselled a bit, but not seriously.  The guy on the right certainly made his space though in contrast to the cuddled heaps above.   HEAPS!  and ARP!!!!

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