April 12, 2013

Shameless Kodiak Fan Service

I almost wrote this post in that internet catspeak. You know LOLZ and hazing Cheezeburgerz.  But than I decided not too to preserve my sanity.  Also Kodiak told me in no uncertain terms that he has not LOLed in his life and would never do so.  He does browl.  No go look at my kitty and his lovely eyes and soft furrrrrrrr. 
So black accept for when he is in the sun.  Than it is revealed he is the colour of root beer.  That was his name when we got him but he is so much of a bear that we renamed him Kodiak.  Apparently he was Darwin before he was Rootbeer but the in-laws have a cat named Darwin so he couldn't be Darwin either.
He likes looking at his photos too.  I think I was dangling something for him to play with to get that cute photo.  His eyes are so big!  He likes having his head bashed about and his cheecks wuddled.  Touching his paws his a declaration of war though and he will cut you.

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