March 22, 2013

Aquarium Amphibians which Act Awesomely

Frogs are fun and cute.  Sounds like the title of a kids book. I mean look at that little self-satisfied expression on this Waxy Monkey Treefrog (yes, you read that right).  The amphibian exhibit at the Vancouver Aquarium is pretty good, but I prefer going out and finding my own. Though there's lots of stuff that we don't get up in Canada.  Poison dart frogs for one.
Axolotl's are another. Apparently they taste like chicken but I would be really really hungry before I grilled one.  They look made for kebabs though.  They have very wide mouths and pretty pink frilly things around their gills.
These poison dart frogs pictured below are super tiny. They are about as big as your thumbnail.  You need a macro or really good zoom to get a reasonable focus on them.  They bounce up and down a bit sometimes. I am not sure if its mating display or a territorial display. Or maybe they are just bouncing because they are happy pretty red froggies.

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