March 14, 2013

Steven Visit

The Mute Swans at Lost Lagoon are fed a special diet. Most people give them bread which is very bad for them.  Here we are feeding them cracked corn which is fine.  Steven was highly entertained making this one stretch for his snack.
Steven was more entertained by the evil looking gigantic cat that I call a pet.  Kodiak got along with him very well and condescened to snuggle after 2-3 days.  I just realized that my Penguin Pillow Fortesque is photobombing.  Kodiak's eyes are ice-blue which is why they look so red in the picture. They must be picking up the red of the sofa.
Steven is making friends and looking incredibly pleased with a Chestnut Backed Chickadee.  We had quite the swarm of them coming to have a snack.  They are incredible bold friendly birds.  Two pictures of Steven feeding birds. I hope that is not over kill.  I don't care I love that photo below.

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