October 4, 2012

I got bugged at the Victoria Bug Zoo

On our Victoria Bucket list was the Victoria Bug Zoo.  This is a small zoo dedicated to bugs. But you likely guessed that. But unlike most zoos that don't let you pet the tigers, this one is different as that you can hold some of the large leggy creatures inside of it.  Below I am holding a leaf insect.
Geordie is holding some kind of demon bug from hell.  The creature alien from the first Men and Black movie was based on that creature.  And yes it is terrifying. I held it after this tiny blond girl was completely fearless like a boss.  I couldn't let myself be outdone by that.  Geordie was braver and is all getting into it.
One of the prettiest is this Mantis who specializes in hiding among the petals of a certain orchid.  It took forever to spot her. She is a graceful lovely thing just like the plant that is her home.

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