September 27, 2012

Butchart Gardens

Butchart gardens is pretty pricey for a bunch of plants. Never the less we went.  We were there in the late afternoon and stayed for fireworks.  I got to ride on this little bronze statue named Annabelle sculpted by Nathan Scott.
This is the sunken garden.  On the top right you can see some people. It is this old bit of limestone left behind when the whole place was a quarry. You can climb up it and look over the plants and trees.  We were there over the September long weekend so the summer plants were still blooming nicely.
As always, Geordie has his fish-eye and took another planet panorama.  I think this is in the Japanese garden.  It is a very nice bushy sphere.  The path running throw it is a nice divider and gives it some pleasing symme'tree'.
As always you can click on the little planet panorama above to enlarge it.

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