October 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Guest

My cousin Carolyn was in visiting us for the Thanksgiving week-end.  One of the favorite things we like to do with our out of town visitors is take one of the little false creek ferries over to Granville Island for some browsing.  Its a good way to get a different perspective of the area and it has the possibility of spotting a harbour seal.  We were lucky as we had glorious fall weather the entire time.  And pumpkin spice lattes!
We also used the aquarium as an excuse to renew our memberships and visited that as well. We gently prodded various sea binkies, anemones and cucumbers.  We got splashed by a beluga whale too. It was good seeing my old friends Jack and Daisy. We also saw caimans, bats, sharks, otters and the South African Penguins which are a delightful new addition that Geordie and I will talk about more in a later post.
Carolyn and I are mature serious adults so we made a tacit tandem decision to put on the dolphin costumes in the kids area.  Here we are frolicking like the mature and serious adults we are.  We are quite the trend setters as when we were done others decided that we were on to a good thing on copied us.

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