August 21, 2011

River Otter

Saturday was a very nice day in part of a very drab summer, so I took the opportunity to go out for a walk around Stanley Park with my new camera and wildlife lens. As luck would have it, I ran into a river otter having a swim and a snack in Burrard Inlet.
Quite a few people were gathered along the seawall by the time I got closer and I only saw a splash of something I assumed was a seal swimming away and the crowd began to disperse. Luckily enough a few seconds later the otter turned around and pulled himself up onto a rock near the sea wall with a fish he had caught (or been in the process of eating when the first crowd had irritated him enough to move, I wasn't entirely sure).
It took a few minutes for the otter to chomp through his meal and then disappear back into the water, during which time I was able to get quite a few nice closeups and some decent video as well, hopefully all without disturbing his lunch TOO much.
I've seen river otters 3 times in Vancouver now, but that was the best look I've had to be sure and made for a rare treat on a day that was already very nice to begin with.

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