August 2, 2011

The Canadian War Museum

In Ottawa we soaked up as many museums as we could fit into the time we had and one that we were both keen to see was the Canadian War Museum. It was redone in 2005 and is an incredibly impressive and well built museum. The exterior looks and feels like a bunker and the central gallery leads into sections detailing all of the major conflicts of Canada from pre-contact to Afghanistan.
We spent a full afternoon there and only managed to absorb a fraction of the details and stories available but it was entirely overwhelming. The World War 2 section had one of Hitlers cars which was a chilling artifact of an evil empire.
Ther was also a huge gallery off to the side of the main displays which was filled to the brim with every sort of field gun, tank, and artillery device imaginable along with an assortment of support and supply trucks. Strangely enough there was going to be a grad party there that evening which struck me as an odd sort of setting to choose while celebrating a coming of age, but whatever works I guess.
All in all a world-class museum and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone passing through Ottawa.

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