June 21, 2012

Five Years of Bliss

 Today June 21 or yesterday (The Summer Solstice) depending on how you count it was Geordie and I's 5th wedding Anniversary! That is a whole hand!  So here is a picture from that lovely warm first day of summer in 2007!  
 This picture was taken in 2005 and was our first little vacation together. We are camping at Falcon Lake in Manitoba. We swam, went horseback riding and hiking, made an inukshuk and picked blueberries! This is back when Geordie wore white undershirts alot. He doesn't any more.....not sure why......
 So here we are now in 2012 in Sooke, BC. After eye surgery, a big move, and (at least for me) a couple of hair cuts this is us now. Loved the eye surgery, not the surgery itself but the results.  I appreciate all the wonderful time we have together and love the fact that I have had five whole years attached to the best man in the world that I love so much. I hope we have five million more.

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