June 3, 2012

Catatonically Cute Babies

Ah yes the time of year where a young girl's fancy turns to adorable baby animals. I had to re-solidify my brain several times this spring as this year's crop of baby things arrived into the world. Seriously, they are so cute my brain melted out of my ears and I went slightly catatonic. One of the earliest babies on the scene are Canada goslings. Each year we see proud parents with their brood. One of the best sights as them cuddling up in a heap or running with their wings all akimbo.
We live close to one of BC's Great Blue Heron colonies. This year a nest is in an excellent sight line from the ground and we could see a mother and what turned out to be three babies. The 3rd one's beak is poking out just in back of the middle ones. The adult is on the left. It happens that stronger chicks push out weaker ones. Last time we checked this nest on June 2 we could only see 2. Nonetheless heron babies are kind of ugly compared to the elegance of the adults but no less fun (and loud).
Lost Lagoon has many baby species. The mallards are starting to hatch. This lovely family was cuddled up right by the path and had amazing stopping power due to their overwhelming adoreableness.  These are so young they still have the egg tooth. I really like it when baby birds come in heaps so these guys would have charmed my socks off had I been wearing them. We checked on this family on June 2. The family of 7 seems to be down to 6 but they were all swimming, peeping and eating well.

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