May 5, 2012

Macro Madness

 A few years back my father-in-law passed off some vintage lenses he wasn't using and there was a nice 50mm prime in there. Hooked up to some $10 extension tubes from ebay, I have been able to start experimenting with macro photography to a degree I was unable to previously. Below is a closeup of the nasal cavity of a deer skull that Kathryn cleaned up herself a few years back.
 This beautiful lattice is actually a decaying leaf Kathryn found on the ground. It looks totally unremarkable from a distance, but when you zoom in you can see an amazing fractal mesh left behind as the softer parts of the leaf rotted away.
 Its great fun to find abstract patterns and landscapes in commonplace objects, but its also fun to have a closer look at very small things. The barnacle cluster below is smaller than your pinky fingernail but with my new setup, everyone can get a nice closeup look.
All the pictures above are larger than they appear in the blog here, and if you click on them they will enlarge for easier viewing.

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  1. Love macro shots! :) I suspect you two have a bunch of unique artifacts around the house that would make good close-up subjects!