May 13, 2012

Baby Sea Lions: Natures Mother's Day Cards

Mother's Day is here and happy Mother's Day to all our Moms and all of nature's moms too.  The sea lion mummy below is proud of her almost grown pup. It is almost ready to go into the ocean. Her fat rich milk helped it grow big and plump. She often has to leave the pup for several days to eat.
This mom and pup still has a way to go before its ready to go off into the ocean. These two are resting side by side. The Mom will often doze away while the pup nurses from her.
Unfortunately human babies will never be as adorable as many animal babies and especially Galapagos sea lion pups (also see puppies, kittens, foals, lambs, calves, cygnets, ducklings, kits etc....).  So Happy Mom's Day to our Mom's who tolerate us and raise us baby humans even though we aren't as cute as some species' babies.

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