March 20, 2012

Nudibranch and Friends

 Dive 2 of the Belcarra Park Off Shore Clean-up was an explore dive.  The group must have done a good job as we dove part of the site where a lot of trash came out of and it looked good to us!  We took our crash cam with us. Its good to 35 feet but I think its only good in slight mist. This dive was its death knell despite staying no deeper than 30 feet. Still we got some neat photos and footage of all things aquatic and crabby and squishy. Speaking of squishy I have no idea what the creature below is. A tiny jelly fish maybe. Attached to the delicate bell are two diaphnous streamers. The whole thing was no longer then my finger.
 This lovely creature is a nudibranch. There are over 3000 types in the ocean so I have no idea what kind it is. It is a gorgeous photo though. I love the light looking like its coming from within and tracing its 'spike'(?) tips. Nudibranchs are one of my favorite sea creatures and we have seen a few types so far. This is the only one we have photographed yet. Hopefully we will see lots more and I can get IDing them. In the mean time I am still stunned that such a pretty little creature exists.
 Speaking of glowy things, white plumose anenomes often look illuminated if the sun hits them right. This solitary one was all by him self on a rockpile. Geordie has seen one of the wrecks at Porteau Cove covered with the things. I have not seen that yet. I like anenomes too. Some are really big. This one was maybe about 2/3 of a foot high.

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