March 24, 2012

Got Crabs?

 More from our St. Patrick's Day scuba shore clean up as it is the only one we have had with an underwater camera. Crab time. The fellow below is the most edible Dunganess Crab. This guy was large. Certainly eating size. I spotted him having a showdown down with a large prawn or something of that nature. I had to lift off some kelp to get this photo and to point him out to Geordie. I poked him. Then he got shirty about it so we left him be as he was having fun wrapping himself about my hand and trying to take my thumb off.  Yay gloves. There were some people crabbing off the near by dock but not where this prime yummy fellow was hanging out.
 I believe the crab below is a spider crab. Not 100% on the ID though. Arthropod fans feel free to correct. There were lots about and this guy was strangely amenable to having a camera shoved into his face during his mid afternoon stroll. He seemed big to me. His pincers are disturbingly clear of that stuff growing on him.
 A lovely picture of a red rock crab. This pretty one was amongst some rocks and very happy to be admired. The purple colour on his legs is stunning. We gently admired him and let him go back to his siesta. Don't know if these guys are delicious or not. His colours make me think maybe not. It would be hard to eat something so charmingly lavender.

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