February 8, 2012

Big Honking Snake

I never ever thought that Geordie and I would run into this huge Anaconda while we were in the Amazon Rainforest.  I figured we had more chance of seeing the Windigo or the Loch Ness monster. Nevertheless we did. This one was mostly coiled up on a hummock jutting into the lagoon within view of our lodge.
We were in a canoe which enabled us to sneak up quite close. Closer than I ever thought we could get to a huge snake as we were about 2.5- 2 metres away. We were all whispering which was kind of silly as they are deaf....but you know..... big snake.  Like all snakes they sense vibrations but as we were in the water we produced none.
This one is a baby, which is the first time I heard something 5 metres long called a 'baby'. It's colouring is that of a juvenile. The fetching yellow spots about the size of dollar coin on the underside fade into adulthood. This one didn't even blink even as flies crawled over its face. Its eyes were a beautiful rich leafy colour but primeval in their expression. The entire time we watched him he didn't move. The next day we went back, he was gone.

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