September 30, 2011

Quebec City Walls

 Canada lacks castles in general. This is a fact we can all agree on. However, Quebec City does do a very fine job indeed of creating the feel of Europe with its stone wall around the Oldtown. While not truly a castle, it is still studded with towers and covered in cannons so I think it should be given a pass all the same.
 Believe it or not, there was a debate in the 50s about removing the wall, but luckily that idea fell to the wayside and since the 70s there has been a resurgence of pride in its maintenance. This section of the wall close to the parliament buildings was particularly striking in its evening lighting display.
 Given that the entirety of the Quebec City Oldtown is a UNESCO Heritage Site and that the few buildings that aren't historically fascinating are also jam-packed with delicious creperies, I more got the feeling that the wall was holding in the greatness and culture of the old city rather than its earlier purposes of keeping out the brits or the yanks.
Truly an incredible place to visit and highly recommended to one and all.

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