September 7, 2011

All Aboard the Gizmo

 This labor day long weekend we made our annual pilgrimage to Telegraph Cove to visit some friends from our 2010 safari. Rogers boat, the 'Gizmo,' has been completed since we were last there and he was a most gracious host to let us stay onboard and take us out on the water every day. As a co-owner of the Stubbs Island Whale Watching, he's very active in marine mammal education and research who leaps at any chance to get people out looking at whales.
 To say that the Gizmo is a fantastic boat is a gross understatement. Its got all the bells and whistles as Kathryn can show while grinning and relaxing in the spare bedroom. We were able to have adventures, cook meals and sleep incredibly comfortably for the whole weekend without really setting foot on shore.
 Gizmo can be controlled both in the cabin and from the observation deck on the roof. Here's Roger and Kathryn scouring the horizon for cetaceans from the top deck. Behind them is Gadjet, a small zodiac-style craft which can be lowered off the back via crane. There's also a few kayaks on the back for when you feel like kayaking. Did we mention this boat has a bit of everything?
Huge thanks once again to Roger for being such a great and patient host :)

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