July 16, 2011

The Royal War Goat

Quick Quiz: Which country in the world has a Royal War Goat that lives in a castle?
Before heading out to Quebec City I would have likely said Bulgaria or Kazakhstan or some weird far flung country other than my own. I would have been grievously wrong.
The Citadel in Quebec City has an elaborate changing of the guard ceremony every day in the summer involving dozens of highly trained military men marching up and down the square to a brass band. And a goat. The goats name is Batisse and it is apparently the offspring of the original royal goat given to the 22nd Regiment as a mascot by the Queen. Because when you have everything in the world you go a bit weird and start handing out ungulates to the territories.
The changing of the guard ceremony itself is pretty full-on with lots of marching and checking weapons. The guard group that has been defending the citadel is inspected and then the group replacing them are examined equally thoroughly. All under the scrutiny of the goat.

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