July 23, 2011

Eastern Buddies

We had time to visit a great group of people out east this summer. Anne and Yves were co-workers of mine in Winnipeg back in the Frantic Films days and they lived just up the highway from us in Piedmont. It was Anne that hooked me up with my gig out there and it was great fun seeing them both. They also have awesome cats. Swarms of awesome cats.
Natasha and Jason were kind enough to put a roof over our head in Ottawa. Jason is another ex-Frantic employee and he's been doing quite well at a game/database design company out there. They were real troopers about showing us around town and helping us get oriented for all our museum/landmark/transit needs, going above and beyond the call for putting up with people on Canada Day.
Carrie and Eugene are living in Montreal now but were also down for Canada Day with us. Eugene continued the theme of ex-Frantic employees on the trip and he's now cranking out excellent 3d models for Ubisoft.
Alex, Beatrice and Susan broke the ex-Frantic Films connection for the trip. Alex is an old friend who once ran the gaming group that Kathryn and I originally met through so he's certainly a big part of our history. Having a baby, we didn't get as much of his and Susan's time as some of our other friends, but we fit in time for a really nice visit and breakfast.All in all it was awesome to catch up with old friends and see them all doing so well in their own walks of life out east.

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