February 1, 2011

The Soviet Bunker

When Kathryn and I were in the city of Riga in Latvia, one of the features offered by our hostel was a visit to an old Soviet bunker which had been converted into a shooting gallery. The two of us and 4 British guys (which we believe were on a bachelor party) were led across town and into an innocuous shed which was the entrance into the bunker. The stairway down is shown below.
The picture of us below is from the lobby area of the range and had all manner of weird guns and gear that you could pose and have your picture taken with. The experience itself involved 5 shots from each of a 9mm pistol, AK-47 and a pump-action shotgun.
Although photography in the bunker was not permitted, one of the guys in our group took a quick shot and I was able to get a copy of it afterwards. Kathryn then proceeded to put all us men to shame with shotgun headshots and a little line of assault rifle fire across the heart of her target. Meanwhile the rest of us bungled with one of the other guys shooting my target by mistake and the lot of us heading back afterwards with a lot less testosterone sloshing about than on the way down.

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