April 29, 2018

Sea Plane to Nanaimo

 We have watched sea planes depart from Burrard Inlet for years and finally found the opportunity to take one of these flights to shave off some travel time on a trip to Vancouver Island. The terminal is walking distance from our home and they have a pretty slick operation to get everyone ready and off to where they need to be.
 I remember seeing the cockpits of airliners when I was little and taking children to see the flight deck was a thing airlines would do, but its been awhile. However, these planes are so small that Kathryn and I were literally seated directly behind the captain, making for a more personal flight than you are typically used to.
 The weather was quite rainy and cloudy so it was not ideal for interesting pictures of the crossing, but seeing your own city from a different angle is always interesting. I have crossed Lionsgate bridge dozens of times but never seen it from this perspective. Kathryn and my dad briefly saw a humpback whale during the flight as well which was pretty cool albeit fleeting.

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