June 2, 2017

Zip Lining

 Costa Rica is famous for (and the inventor of) zip lining, and in the Monteverde cloud forest there was a bit of time set aside to do just that. It's based on a pretty simple harness that loops around your waist and a thick glove you use to brake if needed. I found it very relaxing and apparently exuded an aura of calm enough to help a few others in our group get into the swing of things.
 Once you're geared up and strapped in, you get a shove and gravity does most of the rest of the work for you. Kathryn is seen below starting her journey from one of the decks. The operators run a pretty slick routine there with a handful of guides staggered across a few platforms so that once you get moving you can have a group of 20 people spread out fairly thinly and rarely feel like you're bunched up and waiting your turn.
 There were several dozen platforms all in all with lines as short as a little over a hundred meters, to the long line at the end which was over a kilometer. The two longer runs were done tandem to make sure that each group had enough weight to not get stuck in the middle and slow the whole thing up. Running a camera with your left hand while braking with your right and holding your wife with your feet is pretty tricky, so we don't win any cinematography awards for our footage down there, but the screen grab below at least shows the height and view from one of the lines.

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