October 3, 2015

Officially escaped visual effects!

 Having recently had my 3 month review at Bardel and not been fired for gross incompetance, I think its fair to say that my accounting career is on track with my labour-camp days in film behind me. Crossing that threshold, I thought I would share a few photos of the office and its features. Below is a picture of our office, which is really an unremarkable collection of cubicles, but there are 2 things I would like to highlight here:
  1. This is the biggest desk I have ever had. It's not grand my any stretch, but its nice.
  2. Sure, the view is of an overpass, but this is the first time I have worked in a room with windows in my professional career, including every job I have had since 1998 (except three months in a video store I guess).
 The office is a stones throw from Granville Island, which gives me a nice bicycle commute that I can share with Kathryn when our starting hours overlap. Its even a pleasant 40 minute walk on days where I have somewhere else to go after work and don't want to lug a bike around with me.
 Bardel has had turtles (though not these particular turtles) for several decades and their new tank is right outside the accounting office. They have it pretty good with room to swim about and a spot to haul out under a timed heat lamp, but there's something particulary hilarious about this pose to me. Maybe its saying something about visual effects, or business in general, or the human condition as a whole, but one turtle being resignedly pushed to the bottom of the tank while the other stands on his back and strains as far as he can to just get his head above water was too good a photo for me to pass up.

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