July 12, 2015

Mayne Island Japanese Garden

 While both sets of parents were in town, we took a short visit to the Gulf Islands, and in one little jaunt we took a day to explore Mayne Island. As luck would have it the "Tour des Isles" was taking place that very weekend and we found ourselves with locals eager to drive us to the sites and showcase their home. So what began as a trip to a nearby harbor quickly escalated into royal treatment with chauffeured excursions.
 One spot immediately suggested by our guide was the Japanese garden, which was an absolutely stunning place to spent an hour in relatively quiet contemplation. Originally built to commemorate the early Japanese settlers of the island, many of whom were unfairly imprisoned during World War 2, it evokes an exotic feel to this little west coast town.
(click on the panorama below to enlarge it)
 We had never heard of this garden, so it came as a delightful and unexpected surprise. The combination of plants and sculptures made for a very pleasing landscape to relax and explore at our leisure.

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