April 19, 2015

Beauty and the Beach

 LA may have its share of snarled slow moving traffic and urban sprawl, but it also has amazing and lovely beaches that go for miles and miles and miles. On our last full day in the city we took a morning trip to Playa del Rey to enjoy the sun and surf. There were a handful of dolphins hunting nearby and though we chose not to try and swim out to them, it was very fun to see their fins in the water.
 Kathryn is a particular delight to watch play in the waves, and I'm sure most photographers would agree that the true reason burst mode was developed for cameras was to get just the right picture of a lovely girl in a bikini splashing through the water ;)
 The beach also had a derelict boat which had washed ashore years ago which had anything valuable stripped out and the rest was covered in graffiti. The waves and current have a strange suction at this beach and even standing on the waterline you can feel the sand pulled out from under your feet with every wave, so its no great surprise that the wreck is half full of sand and would be a huge pain to move.

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