January 10, 2015

Whales of 2014

Over the holidays, Geordie taught me how to edit video in Premiere. So I took all my 2014 whale and wildlife footage that I took while working and made a highlight video.  2013's highlight video is here. Geordie did the steadying and fancy stuff as that was beyond me but I am pretty pleased at the result. 
It was really hard knowing what to put in, what to take out and accepting that what looked fantastic was sometimes too shakey to actually look any good. I shot over 10 gigs of video this season alone so this is only a snapshot. It may change the way I video wildlife now that I am thinking more in terms of what it will be like on 'the big screen'.  I'll probably try to shoot more steady stuff. We shall see...

The footage was shot between April and October of 2014.  It features an amazing encounter with a humpback and her calf, bouncy Southern Resident Orca, active Bigg's Orca and the lovely seals, birds and sea lions that also make their home in the Southern Gulf Islands and the San Juan Islands.  I am hoping that I get better at wildlife videography every year.

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