October 4, 2014

Telegraph Cove Birds

 While the mammals are overwhelming in Telegraph Cove, there is a plethora of stunning birds to be seen if you can stop your head from spinning after all the cetaceans. There were a pair of peregrine falcons living along a nearby roadside which obliged us with a number of fly-bys. My dad was very quick on the draw and got this stunning photo with all the detail in the feathers and tack-sharp focus.
 Of course, some of the locals are more leisurely about having their photos taken like this great blue heron which was foraging along the entrance to the cove as our tour set out. While they are a common sight all along the coast of BC, we never tire of them or their primeval stature. Watch one of these for a few minutes and you'll have no problem believing that some dinosaurs eventually took to the air.
 While neither of us are big gull enthusiasts, my dad is quite the fan and his interest certainly makes them more of a draw. This California gull was perched helpfully on one of the pier pilings in the cove and there were dozens of others scattered around the area, just waiting to be scanned for rarities.

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