April 7, 2014

Pottering Around

I have been potting.  I never really was into ceramics.  They did not grab me archaeologicaly speaking the way bones and lithics did,  but making my own though is a different story.  See what I made.  A Hog butter dish in pink and an assortment of sushi trays.  All hand made and hand glazed by me!  I am currently working on 2 plates and a flower pot.  Future plans include more plant pots, a tooth brush holder and a sun for my mummy!
This is a detail on the lower sushi tray.  A sea horse stamp.  I used ceramic paints on it but they didn't really come out.  Maybe I should have made multiple coats?  But the linear detail still stood out.  If I did it again I would give it a coat of clear glaze to bring out the shine.
My very first one!  I am aware it looks like an evil pig.  It will steal your soul and turn it into butter which I will spread on toast.  Piggy soul toast.  He has a curly tail too (not shown). I love my piggy hog dish.  Friend did the glazing job which turned out lovely. I love his pink body. Inside is blue and white.

1 comment:

  1. Amazing work! Love the colours and textures!
    You have to fill that pig up with bacon drippings - evil decadent baconfat pig. ;)