December 13, 2013

Nine Inch Nails

A bit late with this post but whatever. At the end of November Geordie I went to go see Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails for the 3rd time in the 3rd city (the others being Winnipeg and Seattle). It is always a good show with amazing lighting effects.
For a fellow in his late-40s he still has the pipes and energy to (for lack of a better word and to use a tired cliche) rock.  The house was not full but it was a pretty happy and energetic crowd.  We missed a wee bit of his opening band but they were really good too. They were called Explosions in the Sky. I like opening acts as often I don't know the band and if they catch my ear I go find more. This guys did and I have a couple new albums to listen too.
Speaking of albums, NIN are promoting the new album "Hesitation Marks".   It's good. Not the best but on par with Year Zero.  Worth listening to for sure.  It's hard for photos to give the lighting justice as its always moving and changing. Below is an example but it really doesn't give the proper feel.

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