July 24, 2013

Galapagos Port Towns

So we are going back to 2011 in November when Geordie and myself were in the Galapagos.  There were many port towns that were fun to explore and they were stunning from the water. Below is Puerto Boquerizo Moreno from the boat.  Generally we would moor in the harbour and than take tenders to shore.
Below is the Fish market in Punta Ayora. Those are very expectant brown pelicans hoping for fish scraps from the fisherman who are gutting and cleaning a catch from earlier in the morning.  Sea gulls would skull by low to try to steal a piece. Bad birds.
 The Galapagos Sea Lions behaved much like pigeons do in North American cities.  Basically they are everywhere. Including on this park bench not giving a damn about Geordie and I having our picture taken next to it.  This is in Puerto Boquerizo Moreno where sea lions were rampant along the sea front. Much like gulls, pigeons and Canadian geese are in Vancouver.

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